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Bondassage® - Sensual exploration with an edge of intensity.

Bondassage is a unique approach that gracefully blends aspects of bondage with erotic body work.  It is a process that is accessible and satisfying for people who are both new to bondage and persons more experienced with bdsm play.

Elysium® - A feast for the senses.  

Elysium is a carefully choreographed sequence of erotic bodywork techniques, designed to heighten your state of bliss to ecstatic levels, yet leaves room for my skilled intuition and improvisation.

Sessions for both Bondassage and Elysium are 90 minutes and the expected tribute is 400/USD.  Upgrades and more customized visits are available for returning guests at my discretion.


If you are interested in a session as a couple, please e-mail me and I will share the details of a wonderful Bondassage or Elysium experience that you can share....together!

Disclaimer: Massage Therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state licensure (OMB) I do NOT provide massage, nor any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind. lucknow Escort,goa escort, If you have an injury or medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek out a licensed massage therapist.